About Us

About Us


Here in UKFOOTBALLPOOLS we offer a broad range of services which covers the following as enlisted below:


Over the years, UK Football Pools has proven to be one of the world leading provider of fixed draws on coupon. Since our inception in 2010 on Facebook with the page name “Fixed Pool Draw’s” and Twitter handler, formally @fixedpooldraws now @ukfootballpools we have full grown into the development of our own indigenous website which is a big revolution in the football pools industry.

Since inception we have been in the business of prospering our client with genuine draws on weekly basis or monthly basis depending on our release schedule and has done more good than harm so far!

It may please me to inform you that on some occasions our games do fail, that’s the simple truth!!! But I highly assure you that upon registration as a full member with UKFOOTBALLPOOLS your wins will consolidate for all your loss and yield you extra cash to your bank account. That is to say on some settings we WIN and on some occasions we do lose as WELL.

Unlike other website, who will continuously publish an after result winning for vulnerable internet users to fall prey to their intended users to SCAM them their hard earned cash, UKFOOTBALLPOOLS has never indulged in such an act and will be the grace of the almighty God, desist from such act.

We here at UKFOOTBALLPOOLS, chooses to remain satisfied with our member/subscribers database even at NONE in the worse.

So we do plea with our members and subscribers to be patient with us in event of failure, as we will work assiduously to ensure you broke even as long as you have made contact with our team.

On a final note for this section, I strongly advise you that it pays to get registered and it pays to do business with the right company, coupled with a little patient.



This services was born out of the inspiration to provide visitors a FREE digital HTML fixtures with coloured interface representing each week on the football pools colour scheme. Keep checking our website on weekly basis to get each week fixtures without any charges.



Ukfootballpools is poised to ensure its visitors get the latest and classified football pools authenticated results across to it users at the comfort of surfing this webpage. Contact Us Today!



I sincerely wish you the best using our website.