How Much Does A Soccer Player Make Per Goal

Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and football players’ salaries have long been the subject of envy and surprise. However, the media often leaks information about the income of the stars of world football, but the average salaries of athletes remain behind the scenes. Before we start, we’d like to thank our friends from for providing information.


The sources of a football player’s profit are usually:

●       A fixed salary

It is paid to ordinary, unnamed athletes.


●       Contract

It is usually concluded with players who have already proven their worth on the field.


●       Bonuses

Each football club motivates players to do better by rewarding individual actions with cash bonuses. In some cases, the income from such incentives exceeds a fixed salary or contractual profit.


●       Advertising revenue

Sports brands are willing to pay money to advertise their products, but only star footballers can count on highly profitable contracts with manufacturers.



Examples of the size of advertising contracts, depending on the popularity of the player:

●                   Cristiano Ronaldo receives $ 21 million a year for participating in promotions (for example his sports promotion for Nike worth £ 14,1 million per year). The largest income is brought to the star by the brands Nike and Armani.

  • Lionel Messi earns £24million a year from advertising, receiving substantial money from Nike, Lays, and others. Lionel Messi is one of the most famous soccer players in the world.
  • Sergio Aguero of Manchester FC receives $ 24 million from Pepsi, Electronic Cards, and Puma.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic receives $3 million annually from advertising with Nike, and the maximum profit comes from participating in promotions of the Visa payment system.
  • Neymar earns a lot of money from advertising for Nike, PSG hotel chain, airlines, and others. His best deal is the 11 year contract with Nike worth €100 million (€10 million a year)
  • Eden Hazard from Real Madrid in 2020 got €600,000-per-week according to the report of Silly Season.


One of the best football players in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. He played for Real Madrid football club and had a contract to continue his game with this club until 2018. If we talk about the terms of this contract, then Cristiano Ronaldo was paid €17 million annually for his game and for all his goals scored. This fact makes this player the highest-paid football player in the world. The footballer’s contract was renegotiated because other clubs offered him high pay offers. Since Real did not want to lose such a talented player, the owners had to change some of the terms of Cristiano’s contract. Now Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus Football Club. He signed a four-year contract in July 2018.


Many soccer players earn per week much more than others per month. Do not forget about the tax system and appearance bonuses for soccer players. Some soccer players from the premier league may get a goal bonus which would be more than their salary.


Consider the earnings of Barcelona FC player Lionel Messi. He didn’t run far from Ronaldo. In recent years, he has been out of his skin, bringing the team points and leading it to the Champions League and Spanish Cup finals. His income for playing at the club and for goals scored is about £26.4 million a year. The Argentine plays very well, at a high level. It is not for nothing that such players are paid so much money. Moreover, they are part of the country’s patriotism. Messi also earns a large number of additional bonuses that almost double his annual income.


Big money also goes into the pocket of the Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who currently plays for Milam. He is a striker on his team and scores a large number of goals in the Champions League and other Cups. According to Forbes magazine this player receives from football alone amounts to a whopping $30.4 million.


In fourth place is Wayne Rooney – a player, an attacking footballer of the British club “Manchester United”. The amount he is paid of $145 million.


The fifth place is taken by footballer Radamel Falcao, who was bought by the Monaco team at the expense of the Russian rich man Dmitry Rybolovlev. Today he is the best striker in the Champions League for Galatasaray football club. He has a net worth of $70 million.


As you can see, the players earn a lot of money, but at the same time, they delight their fans with a wonderful and exciting game. There are also many other things such as Shanghai Sipg, transfer fee list, Gareth bale, majority of leagues, Hat trick option, business contract, an arsenal of compensation, top flight factor, compensation of money, base salary, home bonuses for teams, compensation for the football league and much more – all these factors affect the money amount of each soccer player. If a soccer player plays at the Liverpool team or is a front player of an England team he would earn much more without a doubt. The question is how much he will have to pay as a tax fee.



There are several types of bonuses for football players:

  1. Team – for winning the game, in the championship or for moving up the standings, for participating in prestigious competitions, etc.
  2. Personal – for a goal scored, a successful pass, a ball caught, as well as for the well-deserved titles of top scorer, defender, goalkeeper, etc.
  3. Loyalty bonuses are a separate type of reward that is given to players who do not miss matches, who are constantly present at training sessions, who play without injuries, who continue their contract, etc.



When assessing the earnings of players, it should also be borne in mind that the lion’s share of these amounts is withheld with income tax. To get his hands on a clean $ 1 million, a player must earn an average of $ 1.8 million. In European football clubs, which are part of the prestigious Serie A, it is extremely difficult for an ordinary footballer to become a millionaire. Unless he is a world star and does not play, for example, for Juventus, which spends $ 90 million on salaries. For comparison, Benevento, also part of Serie A, spends only $ 15 million a year on salaries, which are almost halved after taxes.

In Serie B, things are even worse. There, the average footballer receives 2-4 thousand euros a month in his hands. The smallest salaries are for Estonian footballers, where 800-1200 euros are handed out to the net after taxes. The same amount is easily earned in Europe by young office workers or workers in factories. But unlike them, a football player who has been training hard since school and cannot do anything else, in the event of his career-ending, he can only apply for the position of a sportsman. The situation is aggravated by regular injuries that require treatment and expensive rehabilitation. The reason for the low salaries is the lack of sponsors who are unwilling to invest in unpopular clubs. The situation is aggravated by fines that a player can receive for excessively emotional behavior on the field and in the locker room, for improper diet, alcohol consumption, and even for the kilograms gained during the holidays.


Dependence of income on specialization

The biggest contracts in the world of football have always been signed by effective strikers. The ability to attack and score a goal is valued most on the field. However, when playing games, each player receives a certain number of bonuses. And according to this indicator, goalkeepers always win in matches of various orientations. Therefore, being a goalkeeper is also very good. Although they usually cannot qualify for the same contract as the attackers, a good goalkeeper significantly increases his final income due to the team and personal bonuses. After the attackers and goalkeepers, the center-backs have a good indicator of earnings and bonuses, since they usually interrupt the opponent’s attack at the moment of its inception and themselves constantly create conditions for attacking other people’s gates.

The flank midfielders follow in terms of earnings decrease. Defenders and midfield players earn the least. The latter look like obvious outsiders against the background of other specializations, both in terms of salaries and bonuses.


Many players pay more attention to the club than to the national team

The fact is that it is the clubs that pay the bulk of the salary. For this reason, many players skip friendly or qualifying games to recover from micro-injuries or concentrate on playing for the club. Prestigious international tournaments, such as EURO or the World Championship, no one misses on their own. Because even ordinary participation is an achievement for any player. For these reasons, many players end their careers in the national team earlier, and only then in the club.


Many clubs pay additional bonuses if a team performs well in a tournament

Moreover, these bonuses may not be spelled out in the contract. Most often it is a gesture of goodwill from the club owners. For example, the former owner of Leicester, Vishai Srivaddanaprabhi, presented each of the players with a BMW i8 for winning the Premier League. He also took everyone to a casino in Las Vegas at his own expense and paid for their game on machines and roulette.

Each player receives money from their football federation. True, for many, this amount is very small compared to the salary in the club. Usually, this money is given for various achievements. Most often it is: the team made it to the international tournament, passed the group stage in the top tournament, etc. in the tournament grid.