Week 34 Pool Banker Room 2020: Please Proof Your Best Banker, Pair or Winning Line Here!

pool banker roomPool draw this week room (Drop your best bankers, pair and winning lines here) – UK pools 2019/2020 football season. Week 34 banker room. 


Welcome to our banker room for the 2019/2020 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings is highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.

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Before we go deep into the rules that guide this thread, here is a quick guide to the purpose, aim and objectives of this pools one banker room.

  1. To uphold regular and frequent winnings among members and visitors of this weekly thread.
  2. To exchange pools forecast ideas for valid and updated sequences in the football pools information.
  3. To be of help to esteemed visitors worldwide and more also, be of benefit to contributors.
  4. To create profitable and financial link, including social benefit for members and visitors of this forum.


Here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post/comments banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification.

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1. Here in our one banker room, you are required to post just your best banker, winning line, pair or nap; backed up with current or past working proofs. You are entitled to post just once a week in this thread (posting more than once is only permitted with the consent of the administrator). Other conversation should be moved to our Weekly Pool Discussion and Chat Room.

2. No form of advertisement and spam comment is allowed in this room, any form of spam or advertisement is automatically disqualified and will not be approved in this section. No buying and selling of games on this thread.

3. Your mobile number or contact information should not be displayed in the body of your message, that is, you are not permitted to display your contact information while publishing your bankers, pairs etc. If a visitor or member of this thread or forum wants to appreciate your efforts you will be connected to whomsoever, when they must have contacted by the administrator and your gift or token reward will be handed over to you in full measure.

4. Lastly, to every members and visitors of this great football pools banker room, making use of the published comments here is strictly at your own choice and risk. Always insist on verifying the proofs attached to the digits of your choice and check to see if the sequence is current and still working. Analyse the games before you proceed to place on your coupon betting slip. This is to ensure success, notwithstanding that games do fail even with good working proofs. Insist on working pools information.


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1. Anyone whose banker plays for three weeks consecutively will get a cash/bank transfer of ₦2,000 from the admin.

2. Anyone whose winning line (must not exceed 5 digits or number) plays for two weeks, earns a reward sum of ₦2,000 from admin.

3. If your nap delivers 3/3 any week with proof, you get a sum of ₦2,000 after confirmation of results.

4. If your pairs play for four consecutive weeks, we will reward you with a sum of ₦2,000.


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If you wish to appreciate anyone in this forum, kindly contact the Admin via +2348151196619, and your gift will be delivered straight to the recipient.


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Happy forecast and thanks for your cooperation.

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