Week 34 BigWin Pools Late News Paper: Pools Papers - UK 2019/2020

Week 34 BigWin and Dream Pools Late News Papers – 2019/2020


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Welcome to ukfootballpools, the number one pools website in Africa.


With delight pleasure we introduce a new publication which contains late news for this week from two renowned pools forecasting paper BigWin Soccer and Dream International Research pools papers. Every Thursday this post will be published upon release, so you can do yourself good by buying the pools papers for our nationwide pools vendors and enjoy the best in pools draws punting and analysis.


BigWin late news can be found in page one and two.

Dream International Research can be obtained from page one and two.


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The two papers (BigWin and Dream International Research) contains the best football pools information and analysis of the week and next week of play. That is, the pools papers are ahead of the week of play and carries the pools draws and pairs ‘late news for the current week of play.’


You can subscribe for the Dream International Research from uk football pools and it will be delivered to you in any part of the world via Email and WhatsApp in PDF format.


BigWin Soccer (Week 35)


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Dream International Research (Week 35)



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