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 Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus WOLVES -:- LEICESTER Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus  

Wolverhampton took a bow against Manchester City on Monday night premiership football. This weekend they will be faced with the realities of gaining a top ten spot on the EPL log. Wolves have a home form of 4-2-5 (W-D-L) and visiting Leicester has an away form of 5-2-4 (W-D-L). A hard fought win is on the radar for the home side, but the possibility of a draw should not be ruled out.

MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Wolves [2] -:- [1] Leicester

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus BOURNEMOUTH -:- WEST HAM Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus 

Bournemouth has struggled in their last four matches, with just on points in all matches played. This weekend Bournemouth will take on West Ham whose classic style of play outscored Arsenal last weekend. Bournemouth has a home form of 5-3-3 (W-D-L) and West Ham has an away form of 4-2-4 (W-D-L). All square at the Dean Court the weekend, hopefully.

MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Bournemouth [1] -:- [1] West Ham

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus LIVERPOOL -:- CRYSTAL P. Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus

Liverpool solid home record home record still stands and will keep counting. It’s true that Crystal Palace shook Manchester City at the Etihad sometime ago. If the visiting side will do so this weekend is a question to be answered after 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Mr. Fixed will choose to trade wisely on this fixture. A Liverpool win or draw is a fixed scoreboard result.

MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Liverpool [1] -:- [0] Crystal Palace.

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus MAN UTD.  -:-  BRIGHTON Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus

Manchester United again defended their brilliant form against Tottenham at White Hart Lane on Sunday. This weekend the ‘Red Devils’ will take on Brighton whose away form is 2-2-7 (W-D-L). Manchester United maintain a home form record of 6-3-1. A comfortable win for the home side.

MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Manchester United [3] -:- [0] Brighton

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus  NEWCASTLE  -:- CARDIFF Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus

This two sides desperately needs three points in this fixture. Being placed 17th and 18th on the EPL log. Who deserves to earn it? Newcastle has a home form of 2-1-8 (W-D-L), Cardiff, on the other hand, have an away form of 2-2-7. A low score draw is most expected in this fixture come Saturday.

MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Newcastle [1] -:- [1] Cardiff

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus SOUTHAMPTON -:-  EVERTON  Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus

Though one to decided looking at the statistics and standing. Southampton has a home form of 1-5-4 (W-D-L),  the visiting side has an away form of 2-3-5 (W-D-L). A home win or draw is most expected in this fixture at the St. Mary Stadium on Saturday.
MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Southampton [2] -:- [1] Everton

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus WATFORD -:- BURNLEY Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus 

Watford left it late for Crystal Palace and Burnley won as expected in round 22. This tie is indeed a match to look out for this weekend. Watford has a home form of 5-1-5 (W-D-L) and Burnley continue moving forward with an away form of 2-2-7. I would rather place my money where my mouth is as a win or draw is the most accurate results.

MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Watford [1] -:- [1] Burnley 

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplusARSENAL  -:-   CHELSEA  Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus  

Arsenal home form remains 8-2-1 (W-D-L), while Chelsea has an away form of 7-1-2 (W-D-L). I must say I’m losing confidence in ‘The Gunners’ style of play. Chelsea, on the other hand, is not to 100% trusted. I back a score draw in this fixture.
MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Arsenal [2] -:- [1] Chelsea

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus HUDDERSFIELD -:-  MAN CITY Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus

The first leg of this fixture is what came to my mind when trying to predict this match. Huddersfield has a home form of 1-2-8 (W-D-L) and is seriously in need of 3 points to get clear off the relegation zone. Manchester City has an away form of 6-2-2 (W-D-L). An away win is most expected in this fixture come Sunday.
MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Huddersfield [1] -:- [3] Man City

Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus  FULHAM  -:- TOTTENHAM   Premier league prediction - ukfootballplus 

Fulham will face a true test as they face the best away team on the EPL. Fulham has a home form of 3-3-4 (W-D-L), while Tottenham has an away form of 10-0-2 (W-D-L). Banking on Fulham to win is not a bad option but it looks like a suicide mission, I would rather bank on a Tottenham home win.
MR. FIXED PREDICTION: Fulham [1] -:- [2] Tottenham